Past, Present & Future

Anyone who knows modern furniture knows that Bali is the centre of the creative universe when it comes to design and manufacture. Couple that with the absolute talent of the skilled craftsmen of Indonesia and the vast array of readily available natural resources here and you have a recipe for producing great product. Lucio Brissolese and Gianpaolo Nogara know it, and that’s why, in 1989, they founded Warisan here on the island.

As well-travelled entrepreneurs with an eye for detail and good design, Lucio and Gianpaolo found a common interest in the people, culture, and environment of Indonesia, and what began as a mission to collect antiques and ethnic art, soon turned into a labour of love. So much so that they made Bali their home. After years of procuring and restoring antiques, their emphasis slowly shifted to actual antique reproduction and then eventually, to creating their own contemporary furniture designs, always with a strong emphasis on customisation, something that has attracted the eye of more than just a few of the world’s best interior designers and architects.

Of course, over the years lots of technology has crept into the manufacturing process making it easier to dig a groove, stitch a cushion, or round a corner, but what hasn’t changed is the hands and eyes of their craftsmen. Their dedication to detail and their pride in producing high quality, handmade, hand touched and hand finished furnishings remains as high as it ever has. Their reputation has seen the company grow and evolve to incorporate a modern manufacturing plant in East Java, offices and a showrooms in Bali, stores in America, Africa and Asia, all of which is supported by a talented group of international designers, managers and craftsmen and women.

In addition to their well-known presence in Bali, their reach is now worldwide with their products being found across the five-star market, from Cape Town to Los Angeles, India to the Maldives, and Hawaii to the Caribbean – and it doesn’t stop there. Constant enquiries from high profile clients, together with a continual flow into their retail showrooms with guests from across Southeast Asia, keeps them busy outfitting private residences across Asia. Even today, the belief in Indonesian craftsmen coupled with a great respect for the natural resources available here in Indonesia continues to be the trademark of their designs. To find out more about outfitting your home with the same kind of quality, design and comfort, visit: