Simply looking at this machine sitting in your kitchen, how could you possibly say that Espresso Veloce’s V12 espresso machine wouldn’t be the fastest and most powerful coffee ever made? With an additional ‘oil reservoir’ for supplementary liquors like grappa, and six exhaust-pipe dispensers that pour the cups into piston-shaped cups, this has got to be the breakfast of wannabe champions.

Leave that bulky camera body at home and turn your iPhone into a high tech DSLR camera using your actual Canon or Nikon lenses with the help of this tiny adaptor from Photojojo. Telephoto, fish eye, macro or wide angle; you name it you can do it, simply stick it on your iPhone and start snapping.

Philippe Tournaire is a jeweller with a passion for connecting the world of stones and precious metals with the history of art, science and architecture, transforming the very big into the very small in minute details that can be displayed for all the world to see on your fingers.

The 2011 tsunami caused a severe drop in seaweed sales in Japan but this innovative nori design from Japanese retailer Seaweed Shop, which uses a laser to cut out the patterns that represent happiness, good fortune, and longevity, are proving a huge boost to sales as well as making the table and the world a better place.

If the power ever goes out during a dinner party you can keep the good times alive by candle light with these pre-tuned Austrian wine glasses that are etched with just the right volume needed to reach the desired note over a full 12-note octave from A flat to G. A good way to keep an eye on how much you’ve had.

You’ll never miss a call or tweet again with the Samsung Galaxy Gear strapped to your wrist, a new device to make your life even more easier or enslaved depending on your point of view. So amazing, it’s only fault is that it’s not a Rolex.